Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Etched Glassware

My cousin is getting married at the end of August and she asked for this 4 piece baking set. I decided I would etch her new last name on them so if she did travel with them to get togethers she would always know which one was hers. There is one more 8x8 dish that is not pictured, but it really doesn't look any different from the other 2 rectangular pieces. I also bought a bowl because I wanted to do more than just the baking dishes. I only did the initial with a circle for something different. I used the Jubilee font for this.


  1. Nancy, these turned out really nice as did the rooster pitcher. Great gifts and a way to not lose them.

  2. Etched or personalized glassware are popular to gift and favor these days at party, wedding or anniversaries. And since they are personalized, you can write anything that you want as design for a glass.